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The wheels are turning in the public sector

We at Rolly specialize in public sector transportations that are versatile and demanding. We provide professional accessible transport as well as transport for the elderly, the disabled and schoolchildren.

School transport

Over the years, we have transported hundreds of children to school and back home in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the Uusimaa region. Our regular, experienced drivers ensure the children's safety and comfort during the journey. Children with special needs also travel in our vehicles and all their special wishes are taken into consideration.

Esteettömät kuljetukset_2.jpg
Accessible transport

Double check and let's roll! Our wheelchair and electric wheelchair customers travel comfortably to their destination with Rolly. Every week, we carry hundreds of customers who need accessible transport. Our fleet fulfils strict quality requirements and consists of dozens of disabled access vehicles, driven by drivers who specialize in accessible transport.

Get to day activities on time

We run dozens of transport services for the disabled and the elderly every day. These services are provided by drivers whose sensitive instincts and watchful approach are appreciated by our customers. Attentiveness, safety, routines and sticking to the schedule are the key elements of the service we provide to the customers of day activities.

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