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Nice to meet you!

Rolly is built by an enthusiastic and passionate team of strongly committed industry and service business professionals.


Agile and evolving entrepreneur-owned Rolly

Three innovative transport companies, Cabing Oy, Mr. Taxi Oy and Raseborgs Taxi & Buss Ab, joined forces in early 2020. Rolly® was born - the nation's riding service with the background of more than half a century of experience in passenger transport services.

We are building a new and more dynamic charter and taxi company. One that will be known throughout Finland in the next few years.

At the heart of our operations are responsibility, continuous development and innovation.

Rollyt johto
Rolly® in a nutshell

Established in 2020

The company was established by three taxi and charter transport companies

The owners of the company Aki, Dennis and Risto have over half a century of experience in the field

Employees 150

Managing Director Ali Tehrani

We transfer hundreds of thousands clients a year

Turnover 11 million euros

Executive team
Ali mv.jpg

Ali Tehrani


"I am the CEO of RollyGroup. Before being appointed as CEO I worked for ten years in various positions in customer service and transport coordination. I know the industry, its distinguished features and opportunities, but also the challenges very well. Rolly is a significant player in our field and my goal is to expand its operations in the future together with our staff and customers."

Sanna mv.jpg

Sanna Rytömaa

Driver Manager

"I work in the Helsinki Metropolitan area as the Head of our Rolly drivers. Among many other things I am responsible for our drivers´ recruitment and professional development. I have worked in the taxi and transport industry for almost a quarter of a century and started my own career as a driver. As a leader, I am strong and rely heavily on cooperation - I want to create such an atmosphere that everyone enjoys their work."

Timo mv. pienires.jpg

Timo Järvenpää

Regional Manager

"At RollyGroup, I am responsible for managing the transport services in the Rauma and Raasepori areas. I have worked in the transport industry for more than 10 years, and it is important to me that both our drivers and our customers feel comfortable with us. In business life I believe that if you don't aim for anything, you won't achieve anything. With that principle I like to lead our Rolly operations."

Jenni Rolly.jpg

Jenni Laine

Regional Manager

"I am responsible for the operations of Rolly's Central and Eastern Uusimaa regions. I have worked in the taxi and transport industry for almost 20 years: as a driver, but also in versatile customer service, financial and HR tasks. In my opinion, it is now than ever more important in this industry to strengthen the reliability, professionalism and develop the service. Companies who know how to best serve their customers will succeed in the competition in the future as well."


Risto Manninen

"I started in the taxi industry as soon as I turned 18. I worked for a long time in the fleet side, until I established my own company Cabing Oy in 2001. The taxi industry is very dear and familiar to me, and I have cooperated for a long time with various players in the industry and numerous different taxi entrepreneurs. The industry is constantly developing and even though sometimes we experience more difficult times, development never ends. With this principle, we also want to forward our taxi group that was founded in 2020. Now we are working together with our staff for an even more environmentally friendly industry."

Aki mv.jpg

Aki Nikkinen

"I joined the taxi industry as soon as I got my driver's license. I drove taxi part-time during my studies, and after that I worked in an airport taxi as a supervisor before establishing my own company Mr. Taxi Oy in 2001. I have worked with the taxi industry for more than three decades and have seen its good and poor years. Forming Rolly with Risto and Dennis was a great achievement in my long career in this field. Now I follow the company's development as a Member of the Board. I am especially happy about how well we have acquired all the important cities in Southern Finland as our customers."

Main shareholders
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